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like cosmetics


it was born out of ingenuity
"I didn't exist in the world

"Diamond Jewelery"

since 2010


painting diamond

Diamonds are "expensive jewels" and their value is unbiased both domestically and internationally. However, because of their value, "globally controlled diamonds" are rarely purchased as a single product, and reach consumers as precious metal jewelry.
In other words, it can be said that diamonds have maintained their position by being enjoyed as jewelry. People are fascinated by the beautiful brilliance and sparkle of diamonds, and say, "If you want to master yourself, pay a reasonable price." Diamond craves it too. That's why it's noble and sublime like a lady, and expensive.

Oriental diamond is a new form of "diamond" that behaves like a lady
(Avatar) added. It is said to be a "painting diamond"
“Cosmetic Jewelry DIAMO”

What is "cosmetic jewelry"?

Diamonds that retain their brilliance even in powder form

There are three categories: natural, synthetic, and imitation. Diamonds with high value as precious earth resources are classified as natural diamonds. This distinguishes between diamonds used for jewelry and diamonds used for industrial purposes. Among them, natural diamonds that could not be used as jewelry are powdered for cosmetics to create a new brilliance. But even that powdery diamond sparkles.

No matter how small it gets, it behaves like a lady
It is a "diamond".

女性は、その美しさをより表現するためにダイヤモンドを身につける。しかし日常的に身につけることはなかなか難しく、 女性は、美しさをより表現する最低限の方法として化粧品(コスメ)を活用する。



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