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~Protecting my precious family~

Hand skin or

in the environment


plant extract



As the impact of the new coronavirus worsens, all essential workers (who work on the front lines) who are devoting themselves to fulfilling their precious missions and responsibilities without looking back at themselves and their families at the risk of infection and great anxiety. I would like to express my sincere respect and gratitude to all of you.

What we can do now to protect our loved ones, families and society.

Sanitization/deodorant spray

family protect

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Double safety and security, friendly to hands and the environment

Ingredients include reduced mineral ionized water with sterilizing effect and essential oils extracted from Aomori hiba, Kishu cypress, and eucalyptus. In addition, although it does not use alcohol, which causes rough skin, or hypochlorous acid, which corrodes metals, it has been recognized to have the same disinfecting effect and longer lasting effect.






Excellent sterilization, deodorizing power, forest bathing relaxing effect

Natural plant extracts (phytoncide¹, etc.) act on all viruses and pathogenic bacteria (various bacteria such as tuberculosis and new strains of influenza) to reliably eliminate bacteria.

It is also effective against mold, dust mites, and insects (mosquitoes and cockroaches). As for the deodorizing action, it is not a masking type² but a neutralizing decomposition type³ that deodorizes and deodorizes at the source of the odor. In addition, the scent of cypress brings the relaxing effect of forest bathing.


*1 The name phytoncide is Russian and means phyton = "plant" and chid = "having the ability to kill other living things". Around 1930, Russian (former Soviet Union) scientist Dr. BP Tokin discovered the mysterious power of this plant and named it phyton (plant) cide (sterilizing). If you connect this and read it, it means that "the volatile components that come out of the plant have a bactericidal effect."

*2 The masking type is a method in which the “fragrance component” is adhered to the odor that is perceived as a foul odor, and is temporarily wrapped to make the original odor invisible.

*3 It has long-lasting power because it enters the ingredients of the odor itself and neutralizes it to eliminate the odor from the source.

Reliable data and delivery record

All efficacy and safety have been verified by laboratory data.

We have many achievements such as medical institutions and public institutions.


Family Protect sterilization/inactivation test results by Institute of Food Environment and Health Co., Ltd.


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Differences between Family Protect and other disinfectants

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