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  • Q.Is natural diamond powder safe?
    Since DIAMO is a cosmetic product, the natural diamond powder used is registered as a cosmetic raw material.We use materials that have cleared the standards for use as raw materials for diamond powder.
  • Q.What are natural diamonds?
    About DIAMO Also known as the "King of Gems", DIAMO boasts tremendous popularity among jewelry on the market. However, it is a finite resource that is a natural product that can rarely be obtained. The fact that this miraculous gift, which was born 4.55 billion years ago on the earth over a long period of time, still exists in the modern world is proof that it is a very rare gem.
  • Q.Is DIAMO made in Japan?
    All products are manufactured in a Japanese cosmetics factory.
  • Q.Do all the products sparkle?
    All 0.1ctDIAMO products sparkle with the synergistic effect of natural diamond powder and lame.Glitter is adjusted by the amount of lame depending on the product. Please take a look at the product introduction of the lineup. * INCLUDE DIAMOND sparkles with the synergistic effect of serum ingredients and glitter.
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